Friday, February 3, 2012

fragmented perception

In an email conversation about the images in the last two posts (here and also here),
I was sent this excerpt from an Emily Dickinson poem:

tell all the truth but let it slant
success in circuit lies
too bright for our infirm delight
the truth's superb surprise.


The work is taking on several directions right now, with (to state it very simply at the moment) ideas of varying perception being a common thread.

I'm mostly in the thinking/planning/writing/researching stages. I am shooting both still images and video clips as well as dipping into my "archive" of old images. I am thinking also about the re-contextualization of imagery and in a larger sense, of perception/memory.

I see three possible trajectories:
1. Images in various forms (single/diptych/triptych)
2. Two specific video projects
3. A three dimensional piece involving translucent images

I'm also finding myself thinking and approaching the work in a more abstract and less linear manner.


What I need more than anything else right now is simply time - time to think and time to work. As with many of us, time is in short supply. Keeping it all in balance is a juggling feat - I'm teaching 4 classes in 3 different locations as well as working about 30 (flexibly timed, fortunately) administrative hours.

Time for the work comes at intervals never long enough - a few hours in the morning, an hour break between classes, or as is happening recently, into the wee hours of the night (early morning?). I'm mostly calm, though - in ways I didn't used to be.

And life continues around us, doesn't it - there are responsibilities to my friends, family, students,  living spaces to clean and maintain, bills to pay, emails to send, calls to make, etc - never mind actually making time and space to be social on occasion...

I have found myself back in the position of "compassionate listener" recently as well - taking that supremely important time to sit across from someone in my kitchen, on the phone or even via text, to listen and to help in whatever way I can, to be present. In concurrence, my herbal medicine knowledge has been called upon with several people over the past few weeks, more than usual, actually. I'm grateful for the opportunity to both engage that intuitive side of myself and to help, it's a good counter-balance.

It feels right in the larger scheme as well; many dear, busy people in my life helped me in incredibly generous ways during the darkest moments of the past summer and fall. Generosity is a circle.


And circling back to the work - there have been several artists/writings coming up in my research that have been influential. Looking now at Moyra Davey, Uta Barth and Stan Brakhage, among others. Reading about phenomenology and psychogeography. Having conversations with both my artist friends locally and AIB peers about both teaching practices, the art-making process and the concepts informing the work, both mine and theirs. Excited also to be working with both Liz Deschenes and Joy Episalla and to see where their thoughts and feedback lead.

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